Identity for a property located in Napa that hosts intimate events such as weddings. It is also a working farm with orchards, gardens and free-range chicken coops. See full project here.

Identity for Ken Linsteadt Architects. See complete system here

Alternate logo options for Aviva Juices. See complete project here

Proposed identity for a uniquely classic lodge and restaurant located in secluded Inverness, CA. See full profile here.

Set of logos created for four levels of achievement awards. The logos were placed on business cards, email sign-offs and presented as silk-screened art and framed patches. I collaborated with the client to develop the theme (mountaineering: ascending to higher levels of accomplishment), as well as the naming for each award level. Each name relates to different aspects of mountain climbing. All images are unique illustrations I created.

Assorted logo options for an organic juice company. The juice is sweetened by the stevia leaf, which is presented in the logo. See full project here.

Left: Logo created for Vita Architects for luxury residential development on the Cayman Islands. Initially, this symbol was created for the cover of the master plan development book. The client liked the symbol so much, they used it for the identity of the development. Right: Proposed logo created for Vita Architects for a new luxury community development on the Cayman Islands. The theme was "British Colonial Asian". The lower case d and b create an elegant doorway.
Left: Proposed logo for furniture designer who makes furniture from recycled pieces of the Golden Gate Bridge. Right: Proposed logo for a jeweler whose clientele is predominantly Latino.
Alternate logo options for the Mystery Club children's book series. See full project here

Various logos for the Breast Cancer Fund for events and campaigns. See complete projects here.

Proposed logos for a bike storage system for local commuters.

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