Logo developed for annual fundraising hike on Mt. Shasta.

Proposed creating commemorative collectable patches for each year the hike is done; keepsake t-shirts are given to participants.

Print ads and posters to promote the event.

Logos developed for Breast Cancer Fund events and campaigns.

Event branding for Peak Hike which takes place on Mt. Tamalpais in Marin.

Poster and site ad to promote the hike.

Developed and produced bi-yearly self-mailing 8-page full-color newsletter. Created a flexible template and established guidelines and style sheets for future publications of the newsletter.

Additional spreads from the newsletter.

Worked with Communications Director to develop branding for 20th anniversary of the Breast Cancer Fund. The zero in 20 is created by a word cloud made up of words that describe the organization and what it has achieved.

Keepsake program for event.

Spreads from interior of program. The sidebars of the program included a timeline of achievements accomplished by the Breast Cancer Fund.

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