Cover and introduction spread to Xilinx Quality Report, equivalent to an annual report.

Sample spreads from report.

Back spread with custom pocket holding data sheets with notched sides.

Data sheets with notches reflecting the company logo.

Designed and produced annual Corporate Responsibility Report. The top images illustrate Xilinx innovation, and are photographs of actual chips and awards. The bottom images illustrate collaboration. They are photographs of actual objects borrowed from Xilinx employees that encapsulate the company’s dedication to philanthropy, the environment and a positive working culture.

Samples spreads from report.

Gift calendar highlighting the theme of global innovation. Printing techniques included spot gloss varnish.

Sample spreads from calendar. One side of calendar highlights a city/country where Xilinx corporate campuses reside. The other side present a sector and product that employ Xilinx technology.

Additional pages and details from the calendar.

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