I presented three proposed logos for the event. Criteria for the event identity were to include event name, Fund Frenzy, set in Akkurat Pro; the number 7, for the seventh annual event; and, basketball related symbology. The third option to the right, with the tiles, represent the "Sweet 16" tickers or funds in the game.

Final approved event logo, with alternate abbreviated configurations for various uses.

Inspired by the high-energy photography of Nike sport ads, I created a team of diverse basketball players to add human interest and engagement to the look of the event. These players were used in layouts throughout the campaign. The colors of their jerseys relate to the color coding of the four sets of funds in the brackets. The number 7 is for the seventh annual Fund Frenzy.

Main screen for Fund Frenzy. I worked with the web developers on the skinning of the elements.

Landing page for the Fund Frenzy online game.

Splash page animation.

Posters to promote Fund Frenzy 7.

Clings and poster concepts for promoting Fund Frenzy 7.

Clings and poster concepts for promoting Fund Frenzy 7.

Branded hoodies were given to the winner and runner-ups; pennants, wristbands, headbands and temporary tattoos with the event logo were given away to promote the event and contest.

Email invitation to register for the event; site ads to promote event.

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